The Seven want to

Fairlaunch 8.8 5pm UCT!


Building a Safe & Prosperous Contract

Community First

Fair Launch with anti-Dump tokenomics

New Ownership

After the unfortunate end to Stand Edgar's leadership. Vought has decided to give the companies leadership to the Community. You will decide where we go and what projects we take on!

Official Contract


Build super projects together

No one builds Supes like Vought, together we will build Super Projects. Vought DAO will host weekly projects picked by the community! Don’t believe it, then your probably a commie. 


vOUGHT dAo (Compound v)


This project is meant for the community so we partnered with Gem Pad to hold our Presale!

-Project will launch on Binance Smart Chain
-Contract work all done by the trusted @FrontRunDev
-1 Billion Total Supply
-Taxes will be 10% Buy & Sell (1% LP, 4% Marketing & Launchpad, 5% BNB Rewards !) 


What To Read

what to Watch